Luxury handcrafted pens, fountain pens, ink pens

Luxury handcrafted pens, fountain pens, ink pens

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Visconti Calligraphy Set



Writing today is an art practised with ever increasing rarity, and in the age of mass education, computers, I-Pods, I-Pads and so on, we’re gradually falling out of the habit of writing, which is one of the two basic skills – reading and writing – that we learnt at a very early age.

Everyone remembers their teacher telling them to fill pages and pages in their exercise book with A’s, B’s and C’s to train the hand to become proficient in the art of writing. It’s difficult enough to draw the whole 24-letter alphabet, so when kids are told that each letter then has to be linked to the one before and to the one after and still be legible, they’ve even been known to panic!

Writing was without question a genuine manual skill, with its different styles and different shapes, some of which were fully-fledged masterpieces. We have but to think of the monks who would write for years on end, copying texts and producing works of intense beauty such as the Codex Gigas, the largest known medieval manuscript which weighs 75 kg and took over fully 20 years to complete!

At least six different styles of writing have come down to us, and this set, while not claiming to embody a treatise on the art of writing, is designed to impart simple basic instructions and to provide the tools for writing in Italics and in English Script.

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The Calligraphy Set contains:
– A medium-fine nib for contemporary stylographic writing or rollergraphic with cartridge
– An extra-fine, highly elastic nib for English Script
– A firm, square 1.5 mm nib for Italic or Gothic Script
– An inkwell
– A set of plastified blotting paper to clean your nibs without getting your fingers dirty
– Two magnetic stands to hold the nibs between one exercise and the next

Calligraphy a few addresses:

Associazione Calligrafica Italiana, via Giannone, 2 – 20154 Milano. (Francesco Ascoli)
“Scriviamo in bella”:  Museo della Scuola e del Libro per ragazzi, via Corte d’Appello 20 -10122 Torino

The Calligraphy shop: Daniel Quinn.

The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting. IAMPETH.