Visconti Wall Street Celluloid

Wall Street Celluloid


The inspiring concepts of the new line of writing instruments named “Wall Street” are universal and transcendent: sky, earth, movement, stability and perfection. They belong to all the cultures of the planet and as such make the “Wall Street” a universal pen that reflects in its particular shape its core design.

In fact it is not round as is any other pen and it is not square, which would make it un-ergonomic. It is simply unique, as all things that long for perfection. The perfect proportion of the volumes of the cap and body, the elegant shape of the clip, and the clip’s perfect mechanism complete this tri-dimensional masterpiece.

Wall Street is made of celluloid, the queen of materials, the tradition and innovation in writing instruments. Since 1988 Visconti has been synonymous with celluloid, as the company was the first to reacquaint the word with the beauty of the material.

The pen is highly symbolic not only in its shape (circle/square) or in the number 4 (the 4 elements) but also in its material which recalls the skyline of Manhattan by night, from which its name is inspired: Wall Street, another symbol, centre of the world finance of the modern globalization.

Wall Street Celluloid

Visconti Wall Street Celluloid Fountain Pen

Price Material Nib Filling Code
Celluloid 23 Kt. Palladium Dreamtouch Converter 381

Visconti Wall Street Celluloid Roller Pen

Price Material Nib Filling Code
Celluloid Roller A40 Cartridge 382

Visconti Wall Street Celluloid Ballpoint Pen

Price Material Nib Filling Code
Celluloid Ballpoint A38-A49-A02 Cartridge 383

Visconti Wall Street Celluloid Pencil

Price Material Nib Filling Code
Celluloid Pencil A09 Cartridge 384
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