The Forbidden City


The “Forbidden City” is for us Westerners the symbol of Chinese culture. Its group of palaces, their sometimes incomprehensible symbolism, their halo of secrecy and inaccessibility and also the same word “forbidden” evoke a sense of respect, deference and admiration. Another feeling is the one of magnificence, recalled by the thousand year old culture which generated through the centuries an ancestral wisdom and a deep, eternal knowledge.

Let’s imagine some old wise men, who transmit an earthly but inaccessible culture: godless priests, whose wisdom comes from experience. The most difficult task for us was to evoke this incredibly complex reality through a single pen. In fact we have spent almost seven years to complete this project. The final result has almost nothing to do with the initial drafts, discussions and prototypes.

Indeed the researches, the study of the symbols and of the roots of this culture have left a very deep trace in our souls. Now we are richer because we are wiser. We have represented the “Forbidden City” inside a cage, a symbol for the sense of isolation and interdiction, which has been connected to this place till the present days. Through the cage we can see the gods: the dragon, the phoenix, the lion etc. They are reproduced and represented in various ways, which faithfully correspond to the real ones in the existent Forbidden City. They are miniaturized, i.e. they are reproduced in little sculptures which evoke this fantastic world, and which are realized with the technique of lost wax.

The cage and the miniatures cover a finely engraved base with a typically oriental overlay, on which we can recognize the classic decoration of the “Forbidden City”. Inside this decorative section we can find a functional part, created to screw/unscrew the cap and to support the whole structure.

The Forbidden City Gold


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The Forbidden City Silver Roller Pen

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