Summit Nato-Russia


The cold war, the political fracture between the Allies and Russia that followed World War II, played a determining role in the social, economic and political lives of every Italian. But with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dismantling of USSR, the cold war also disappeared.

With communication channels again open and a new set of problems facing the world, most probably international terrorism, there have been a series of farsighted individuals in power who are more inclined to dialogue than conflict. If the agreement reached on 28th May at the summit between NATO and Russia held at the Pratica di Mare Airforce base (near Rome) becomes a reality, this date and the people involved will go down in history. Irrespective of political leanings, likes and dislikes, all Italians should be proud of the fact that the summit took place in Italy thanks to the work of Prime Minister Berlusconi, who succeeded in bringing together the representatives of two former political enemies. Close observers would have noticed that also present at the crucial moment of the signing of the agreement was a fountain pen. With the solemn tones befitting such an important occasion, Lord George Robertson, general secretary of NATO announced:

“You have before you special pens provided by Prime Minister Berlusconi. Sign in alphabetic order as we normally do.”

The fountain pen realised for this special event is now available for the collectors and for all those who wish to remember this important date, in a limited edition of 2002 pieces. The Italian Prime Minister’s Undersecretary Gianni Letta wrote to us:

“… I am glad to inform you that Prime Minister Berlusconi has authorised your initiative to reproduce 2002 numbered fountain pens addressed exclusively to collectors, equal to those supplied freely during the Summit NATO-Russia of Pratica di Mare. The authorisation is obviously extended to the possibility of reproducing the most meaningful images of the event in the guarantee”.

Summit Nato-Russia


Price Limited Material Nib Filling Code
2002 pens Black Lucite 23 Kt. Palladium Dreamtouch Power Filler 477


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