Pininfarina Carbongrafite


Pininfarina Carbongrafite

A fountain pen with unique stylistic and technical elements. The know-how and the experience of Visconti, united to Pininfarina creativity originated an exceptional object with strong innovative contents.

Pininfarina Carbongrafite is distinguished by the mix of dynamism and elegance of the shapes able to emphasize the technical innovations created by Visconti. In fact a new system with a totally retractable nib has been designed, finding innovative solutions for the ink reservoir, for the nib’s retractability and especially for the pen closure system, that Visconti has designed and patented.

Further minor masterpiece of the mechanical art is the flexible clip realized thanks to the miniaturization of the components.

The use of the unidirectional carbon graphite – employed for the first time to manufacture a pen – light yet strong, refer to the Pininfarina car world, conveying, at the same time, a sporty elegance to the pen.

Pininfarina Carbongrafite is equipped with a case echoing the pen’s retractable mechanism that becomes a display case able to highlight the aesthetic qualities of the object.

Pininfarina Carbongrafite Fountain Pen

Visconti Pininfarina Carbongraphite Fountain Pen

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930 pens Carbon Graphite 18 Kt. Tubular Smartouch Safety Cartridge / Converter 62200

Pininfarina Carbongrafite Roller Pen

Visconti Pininfarina Carbongraphite Roller Pen

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930 pens Carbon Graphite Roller A40 Cartridge 62300
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