Visconti Opera Typhoon Crystal



Opera Typhoon and Crystal

Visconti is delighted to introduce two new writing instruments created for lovers of fine writing and seekers of innovation.

Opera Typhoon & Opera Crystal belongs to the “Squaring the circle” collection whose focus is the squared design of pens.
Opera Typhoon blue offers a new resin colour while Opera Crystal is a pure showcase with all internal components visible, and, for the first time in Visconti’s history, is completely clear so both the “Double Reservoir Power Filler” and the lock system “Hook Safe Lock” are perfectly visible.

SmarTouch Tubular Nib

After lengthy tests Visconti’s writing collection has acquired a new writing device, the SmarTouch Tubular Nib.

Its special shape is turned from a capillary tube in Chromium 18 that wraps closely around the feed and allows you to fill it with the ink without having to dip the entire section into the ink, an operation that is a necessity with any other fountain pen on the market.

This makes filling both easy and clean, and it can be performed even when the level of ink is low in the bottle.

The traditional problems of the section being stained during filling and refilling with a low level of in the bottle have thus both been finally solved.

Snorkel filler : together with the new nib, we have invented an interesting device designed to avoid dipping even the nib in the ink and, at the same time, making it possible to refill the pen using up the last drop of ink.

It is well known that fountain pens dry out very easily if the cap is off, because ink evaporates from the feed through the two open sides of the nib.

SmarTouch tubular nib, which wraps closely around the feed and has the airhole positioned at a distance from the tip, can delay the drying of the nib with a substantial benefit in terms of everyday use. Naturally, drying time depends on individual environmental humidity and temperature conditions.

The use of ball points has significantly modified the handling of pens; today the normal writing position is much more vertical than the classic fountain pen position at 45 °. To help this posture we have modified the inclination of the tip, thus broadly extending its range of use.

Opera Typhoon

Visconti Opera Typhoon

Price Limited Material Nib Filling Code
1000 pens Blue Typhoon Resin Chromium 18 SmarTouch Tubular Nib Double Reservoir Snorkel Filler 65118

Opera Crystal

Visconti Opera Crystal

Price Limited Material Nib Filling Code
1000 pens Clear Showcase Resin Chromium 18 SmarTouch Tubular Nib Double Reservoir Snorkel Filler 65100
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