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Homage to Carl Gustav Jung

Alchemy is one of the forgotten finds that Jung has brought to light from the darkness of our past. The deep intuition and revelations, derived by the tradition of Hellenistic Gnosticism, led Jung to examine thoroughly the study of the hermetic and alchemic literature which had caused endless polemics.

Jung, as all geniuses, aroused and still arouses strong and contradictory feelings and, paraphrasing the words of his psychology, witnesses that “to a great man always corresponds a great shadow”.

Jung faced the problem of the relationship between the positive and negative pole, shadow and light, and good and evil from a Christian point of view: the dualism and the necessary overcoming of dualism.

This is the meaning of the ‘Alchemy’, a pen divided in two: two are the nibs, where symbolically the dualistic thought still lives, before the necessary transformation, which will make Jung say, as already anticipated by Alchemy, that we cannot speak of Good without Evil, of Light without Darkness and of Above without Below; the substance of one is the substance of the other as the negation of the one is the negation of the other.

Alchemy comes only as a desk set. The body in red resin has two opposite nibs to write in two different colours or in two different types of nibs. The filling system, with eyedropper, has two separate demo reservoirs, one for each nib. The pen is magnetically suspended inside a display with two dragons forming a circle which represents the life cycle. A cone-shaped clear inkwell holds the dragons and the pen vertically. The trims are in silver and gold plating for the 1038 piece edition, gold for the 238 piece edition, while diamonds complete the 38 piece edition.

Jung Alchemy HRH


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