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The Complete Oud Experience

Oud, or agarwood, is now one of the most popular fragrances in the West. And to think that until no more than a few years ago it was almost unknown, the prerogative of a handful of cognoscenti. It is certainly a stimulating challenge for the “noses” who enjoy designing fragrances by matching its woody, almost balsamic aroma with flowers, fruit and spices. Of course, it is by no means easy to work with it while avoiding the risk of trivialising its typically mysterious, Oriental lure.

Visconti has created a pen inspired by the Middle Eastern culture in which agarwood is a much-loved fragrance used in every household.
Agarwood is used either as an essence, or else it can be burned in tiny braziers to release its pleasing aroma.

It was only a matter of time before a pen became a means for always having one’s favourite essence with one, yet without being a mere container.

In fact, this is the very first time that a pen has been designed for the purpose.

The head above the clip serves a dual function: it acts as a container for a fragment of agarwood which can be used in an emergency and burnt, while the perforated part contains a spongy area which can be soaked with the essence inside the box and serve as an air freshener.

The lower part of the body of the pen, known as the bottom plate, provides access to a metal container in which the user can place a small amount of essence for use as a perfume, thus always having it to hand.

The pen’s filigree decoration is inspired by the logo for Expo 2020 in Dubai.

The pen’s luxury box is on the same theme, containing a small bottle of essence and agarwood-scented ink for fountain pen lovers. The fountain pen is equipped with an accessory to convert it to roller.

Technical Characteristic

Limited Edition of 388 fountain pens in Vermeil 925 Sterling Silver
Limited Edition of 38 fountain pens in 18 Kt. pink gold
Material: 925 silver / 18 Kt. pink gold
Nib: 23 Kt. 950 Palladium
Filling System: Piston Filler
Trims: artistic perforated and engraved filigree
Packaging: perforated wooden box with ink and essence of agarwood

Extase d’Oud White Diamonds HRH Fountain Pen


Price Limited Material Nib Filling Code
38 pens Resin Gold Iridescent effect 23Kt.Palladium Dreamtouch Piston Filler 684AUHRH23WD

Extase d’Oud White Diamonds HRH Roller


Price Limited Material Nib Filling Code
38 pens Resin Gold Iridescent effect Roller A38 683AU23
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