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When Benjamin Levi, President of “Ambrosiana Foundation” and most important collector of the Dalí biggest sculpture collection worldwide, decided to elevate Florence as reference location for a Salvador Dalí event museum, Visconti had the inspiration to create a surrealistic artwork piece dedicated to the famous artist.

Mr. Levi has transferred to us all his passion through important anecdotes of real life with Dalí being able to capture the essence of the origin of every Dalí masterpiece. His expertise has been a precious guideline for the full process of designing and engineering of the Visconti creation.

Our work has been extremely appreciated and we have been given the right to make the pen standing on an original reproduction of the sculpture masterpiece called “Profile of Time”©.

The pen is taken from an image of Salvador Dalí “Dance of Time I” © and rests on another image of Dali “The Profile of Time” ©.

The Dance of Time I© Regular Collection is available in three colours, brown/bronze trims, green/golden trims, blu/palladium trims and are all available in Fountain pen, Roller, Fountainroller, Ballpoint pen and pencil.

Dance of Time I Blue


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Vegetal Resin Steel Cartridge / Converter 66418

Dance of Time I Brown


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Vegetal Resin Roller A40 Cartridge 66570

Dance of Time I Green


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Vegetal Resin Ballpoint A38-A49-A02 Cartridges 66606
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