Luxury handcrafted pens, fountain pens, ink pens

Luxury handcrafted pens, fountain pens, ink pens

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Merry-Go Round For the Meyer

Visconti:Merry-Go Round For the Meyer

Visconti’s deepest roots lie in the city which it proudly bears in its logo and whose very name is part and parcel of its core business “Made in Florence”.

In over twenty-five years in the business, Visconti had never yet manufactured a pen devoted to children. This new initiative embodies what we like to call the “legend of the first pen”, harking back to the undying memory each one of us has of the first time we ever owned a given item, in this case a fountain pen.

So when the friends of the Meyer Merry-go-Round asked us to make a donation in support of the Meyer Childrens Hospital’s Hematology Department, an excellence in Tuscany that is known and appreciated throughout Europe, we certainly were not going to waste such a golden opportunity.

Visconti has interpreted the theme of childhood with its characteristic passion, taking its inspiration from the colours on the walls and from the sheets of paper the children “scribble” on.

The result is a truly expressive pen which has garnered the praise of the leading Italian show biz personalities who have always supported the Meyer Hospital, to the point where they even got together and posed for a photograph with our “little big pen”.

A large part of the profits from the sale of this collection will be donated to the Associazione Ciemmeesse Girotondo per il Meyer Onlus of Florence charity for the purchase of important medical equipment and for scientific research.

Visconti would like to thank Carlo Conti, Fabrizio Frizzi, Antonella Clerici, Daniela Morozzi and Stefano Baragli for their past, present and future support for the Meyer Hospital.

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