Luxury handcrafted pens, fountain pens, ink pens

Luxury handcrafted pens, fountain pens, ink pens

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Leather collection

After innovating and reinventing the art of writing for over twenty years, Visconti has now turned its boundless creative energy to the field of leather, creating a collection designed to embrace the art of fine writing while enhancing our traditional, celebrated brand values: enthusiasm, art and technology.

Availing ourselves of the Florentine leather-working tradition that stretches back over more than 500 years, we at Visconti have managed to create a style of leather with the same soft and flexible features as our famous Dreamtouch nibs in 23 carat Palladium, one of our finest inventions.

The very purest full-grain aniline leather is treated with our exclusive, patented Dreamtouch procedure, imparting an extraordinary softness to the leather while maintaining all of its natural properties, including of course any small blemishes it may proudly sport.
Genuine full-grain leather is never identical but it is possible to identify the animal’s various dappled patches through small differences in the grain and minute veining.
Alongside our traditional items, we have also introduced a number of more innovative products:
Large Capacity, LC: we have designed fully four items to accommodate a wealth of accoutrements, for people who like carrying their whole office around with them in their wallet or for the seasoned business traveller.
Superimposed credit cards: a way of minimising thickness and of avoiding that “concertina” effect.
Concealed credit cards: hidden in the bank-note pocket, for those cards… you never use!
All of our wallets have been tested for size to fit the Euro, the Dollar and the Yen.

And lastly, we have designed a form of packaging as different as you can imagine from the traditional cardboard box. In fact, you can use it on your desk as an elegant holder for your pen or its accessories, or for your own stationery.